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Your style is our passion!


Monkey 23 is a make-you feel happy, funky, daring, audacious and colorful brand developed by Annette Giuliani from Ponce, Puerto Rico and Joseph Boucher from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

After witnessing firsthand the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the couple made it a mission to inspire smiles and recapture the feel-good attitude for themselves, the Puerto Rican population and its visitors with the Monkey 23 brand.

Our products reflects our local creative capacities and a unique and innovator style. Currently the company has 15 associates among the island.

Our vision via Monkey 23 brand is to help latinos in US and support Puerto Ricans facing adversity, so season up your style with Monkey 23!

Made with love


We are a funky, urban, edgy, sharp and cool professional. The creator of our global brand is a men who landed on his feet on a 23rd, already a step ahead, ready to walk at his own pace and flow.

The first sock collection developed by the brand will be known for making some of the funkiest novelty socks designs inspired in the Puerto Rican culture for the local and global market.

Show off your awesomeness and turn heads with these crazy cool threads.

This is a unique collection of high-quality socks with a funky style and a good dose of humor.

The assortment comes with 17 unique designs in one size.

Remember one pair of socks is not enough…   

You have a life to live, so have fun and spice up your life with Monkey 23!

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